Many customers are attracted to Freckle by the ease of use. While training is offered as an optional add on for Enterprise clients, it’s a simple software that most people should be able to pick up in a few minutes.

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Freckle is another tool that does a good job being functional without feeling bloated. It strips a lot of the project and business management tools in favor of a fleshed-out time tracking and reporting suite. For example, it’s one of the few options that can bill in multiple currencies.

While Freckle isn’t directly integrated with many other apps, it is tied in closely with Zapier. Through Zapier you have the potential to connect to more than 500 different apps and programs, so linking up with just about any tool is possible, if a bit arduous. There’s also a Freckle API with good documentation if you want to do it yourself.

They’re also pretty serious about data security at Freckle, which is something to appreciate in an era where it feels like a company is being hacked every other week. To that end, they have “bank-grade” SSL security running at all times on all aspects of the app. They also do hourly backups to protect your data.

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Who Freckle best for

Freckle is one of the few tools that we can recommend for a solo entrepreneur looking to track his freelance or contract work. A small law firm might also find it pretty helpful. Freckle is easy to tack onto existing client management systems, even the paper kind, because of the small scope of the software.

Freckle pricing

Freckle’s pricing should appear familiar to those who have been perusing time trackers for a while. They have a pretty average, maybe a little on the cheap side, per user rate with a minimum number of users at each tier. Each plan starts with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. There is no option to pay annually for a discount.

There’s a somewhat hidden option for a single user called Solo, which has most of the same features as the first-tier plan.

  • Team $49/month for 5 users (additional users are $10/month), email support, entry approval
  • Organization $199/month for 25 users (additional users are $8/month), priority support, audit log
  • Enterprise$499/month (customizable quote for more users/integration/training), concierge setup, account manager

Freckle customer support

Customer support at Freckle is great! You can even be serviced by the founders if you call at the right time, which shows a lot of dedication to the software.

Both the email and the phone support are responsive and helpful. If you are on the Enterprise plan you have an account manager assigned to you. That person is basically your own personal support specialist, so you can be confident you’re always taken care of.


  • Chrome and Safari browser extensions.
  • iOS and Mac apps.
  • The distilled time-tracking service.


  • No Android app or Windows desktop app.
  • Lacks the ability to put very detailed notes on projects, or to customize parameters.