A large variety of factors all need to be executed in such a way to work together in order to allow a business to succeed, especially with competition in most industries at an all-time high. CRM systems often offer a complete solution that equips businesses with what they need to succeed and, of course, rise above the competition.

With many of these platforms out there, it can be hard to know which option is truly the right one for your business. Here, we are going to take a closer look at ProsperWorks CRM. The platform was recently renamed to Copper, but many people still know this particular system as ProsperWorks CRM.

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ProsperWorks CRM pricing

All subscription plans offered by ProsperWorks CRM comes with a convenient 14-day trial. During this time, the client is allowed to use all features provided by the platform, capture clients, process sales, and more – to get an overview of what the platform is all about. No credit card information is asked to sign up for the trial, but only once a paid subscription is started.

This software does not come with a free plan, but all the paid plans are priced fairly as compared to other options. Let’s take a look at the price plans offered by ProsperWorks CRM:

NOTE: Charges are per user that is registered under a company’s account.

  • Basic Plan ($19 per month billed annually / $24 per month billed monthly) – Perfect for startups and companies who are new to CRM platforms. Integrates with Google Suite, three email templates, one bulk email per month, mobile apps, basic reporting, and sales forecasting.
  • Professional Plan ($49 per month billed annually / $69 per month billed monthly) – The ideal plan for growing companies. Offers 10 email templates, 10 bulk emails per month, meeting scheduler, activity reporting, 25 custom fields, 100,000 records, and 200GB of storage space.
  • Business Plan ($119 per month billed annually) – An option for companies that have already grown and are now scaling up. Comes with email open tracking, unlimited email templates, and bulk emails, task automation, activity insights, lead insights, leaderboards, goal tracking, 100 custom fields, RingCentral Integration, 500GB storage space, and 500,000 records.

Features of ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks CRM comes with most features that any business needs to boost their customer relationships and help increase sales – all in one single package. At the top of these features lie the contact and customer manager module, which allows for up to 500,000 customers to be captured and managed on the system. Leads, deals, activities, tasks, and many other elements can then be created and linked to appropriate clients, allowing for accurate tracking of all customer relations.

The platform is primarily promoted to businesses that actively use Google’s Suite of web applications, as the system completely integrates with Google apps to deliver a more streamlined experienced. The Google Apps supported by the platform at the moment include:

  • Gmail Chrome Extension
  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Hangouts

Several productivity and automation tools are also built directly into this software to make managing customers, as well as sales, more efficient. End users get access to email templates that can be used to follow up on leads, close sales, and provide customer support. They can also send bulk emails to customers, as well as utilize the meeting scheduler and task automation tool to help increase their productivity.

ProsperWorks CRM features a range of reporting tools that allow team leaders and business managers to gain access to insights and analytics regarding all matters involved in customer relations. Basic reporting functionality provides an overview of all business relations. Other reporting tools include activity reporting and sales forecasting, along with a lead and activity insights tool. The reporting section of this software also allows for goal tracking and provides a leaderboard, shared among all team members, which will ultimately boost staff performance.

This CRM can also integrate with Google’s Data Studio, which provides a company with useful insight in regards to their presence on the Internet. The Data Studio integration allows for website data and analytics to be made available directly on the dashboard.  

Customer support

ProsperWorks CRM comes with a dedicated support team that provides customer service to all clients. Unlike many CRM platforms that only provide support for higher paying clients, this company offers support for all of their clients. Customers on the basic and professional subscription plans are given access to both online support services and the platform’s self-service support system.

Customers who subscribe to the business plan are given access to additional support services, including a customer success manager, phone support, and an onboarding package. These support services will help the business get started with the platform faster and ensure they make full use of all featured offered.

What’s missing in ProsperWorks CRM?

We find the fact that the majority of integration modules are only available on higher paid plans to be an inconvenience. When customers want to integrate the ProsperWorks CRM with RingCentral, Tray.io, and MailChimp, for example, they have to subscribe to one of the more expensive plans. Additionally, the mobile applications that have been developed by the company do not provide access to all the features that are available when accessing the platform from a web browser.

In short

ProsperWorks CRM plans start from as little as $19 per month and customers can opt for a free 14-day trial to test the platform and see if it can offer their business the solutions they need to succeed. It also easily integrates with the entire Google Suite of applications, allowing you to track all activities on the platform easily. If your business relies heavily on Google, this just may be the CRM you’ve been searching for.