Comcast Business Internet Review (2023)

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Comcast Business’ is the brand big internet service provider (ISP) Comcast uses to market their internet services to businesses at rates different to home internet connections.

Comcast Business offers both direct subscriber line (DSL) connections (where internet is provided through existing phone lines) and internet provided at least partly through fiber (from HFC, or hybrid fiber coaxial, to pure fiber-optic.)

Comcast Business’ internet is currently available in 40 US states:

  • The West (Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington)
  • The Midwest (Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin)
  • The South (Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia)
  • The Northeast (Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont)

Although all these states have Comcast internet available at least somewhere, there are big differences in overall coverage. Almost all of Florida has access to Comcast internet services, while they’re barely available anywhere in Idaho or North Carolina.

Comcast’s website features a tool small businesses can use to check coverage in their area, and the kinds of connections available.

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Comcast Business internet: Best for extra features

Comcast Business market themselves as the ISP “redefining what a provider provides.” With all the extra features they now offer, that’s probably fair.

Comcast Business go beyond simply providing a reliable connection with an up-time guarantee.

They use technology to make sure businesses stay online, even in events outside their control, such as power cuts, and provide extra tools to help businesses make the most of their connection..

Comcast’s most innovative features come under two main headings:

  • Comcast Business WiFi Pro – Includes a customizable WiFi ‘splash page’, management tools with functions like restricting guest bandwidth, and analytics in areas like storefront conversions, unique users, and customer characteristics.
  • Comcast Business Connection Pro – Features automatic 4G LTE wireless backup, easy digital management, simple setup, and a cellular router with auto-failover and fallback, 8-hours of battery life, and power-surge protection for up to four devices.

These features will be useful to the following kinds of business:

Businesses with on-site customers or clients

  • Coffee shops, cafés, bars and restaurants
  • Hotels, guest houses, AirBnB’s, and entertainment venues like sports stadiums and concert arenas
  • B2B sales, services, or recruitment companies where clients and other visitors may be expected to wait prior to meetings

Businesses like these are all widely expected to have free WiFi for visitors.

Unreliable internet can be a huge inconvenience to guests, while being able to provide a connection unexpectedly (during extreme weather events, for example) can leave guests with a very positive impression.

The features of Comcast Business WiFi Pro can also be useful to these businesses, who may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of guests each eating up bandwidth.

Being able to limit access, speed, and total bandwidth available to each visitor protects the overall connection for all users. The customizable splash page and analytics can also boost marketing efforts.

Businesses providing essential services

  • Medical practitioners or disaster relief services.
  • Lobbying organizations, political campaigns, public relations firms, or other advocacy groups.
  • Organizations providing time-sensitive services to clients, such as outsourced HR operations, project management, or tax assistance.

These organizations depend upon reliable internet access. If a doctor offering medical services remotely can’t make an online appointment, that can have life-or-death consequences for a patient.

Similarly, an agency managing a PR nightmare on behalf of an important client can’t afford to lose internet access at a critical time. In all of these cases, the extra features provided by Comcast Business could prevent serious damage being done.

Is Comcast Business internet expensive?

Plans range from good value for relatively slower speeds to far higher prices than average for the fastest internet connections.

All prices listed are monthly and may vary depending on location.

Comcast Business HFC internet plans

These plans provide internet by a combination of fiber-optic cable and standard television cables.

  • Starter Internet$84.95 – 25 mbps downloads, 5 mbps uploads
  • Deluxe 50 Internet $124.90 – 50 mbps/10 mbps
  • Deluxe 75 Internet $164.90 – 75 mbps /15 mbps
  • Deluxe 100 Internet$214.90 – 100 mbps/20 mbps
  • Deluxe 150 Internet $264.90 – 150 mbps/20 mbps
  • Deluxe 250 Internet $364.90 – 250 mbps/25 mbps
  • Deluxe 500 Internet $414.90 – 500 mbps/35 mbps
  • Business Internet 1 Gig $514.90 – 1,000 mbps/35 mbps

While Comcast HFC plans with over 100 mbps download speeds are very fast, they’re also much more expensive than some other providers charge for the same speeds.

Businesses needing multiple fast uploads at busy times may want to consider a pure fiber plan instead, as they have faster upload speeds:

Comcast Business pure fiber internet plans

All speeds with these plans are symmetric, meaning uploads and downloads are the same.

  • Starter Internet $69.95 – 25 mbps
  • Deluxe 50 Internet $109.95 – 50 mbps
  • Deluxe 75 Internet $149.95 – 75 mbps
  • Deluxe 100 Internet $199.95 – 100 mbps
  • Deluxe 150 Internet $249.95 – 150 mbps

As upload speeds are just as fast as downloads with pure fiber connections, these plans may suit small businesses with employees frequently uploading or transferring large files, or making video or ViOP calls.

How good is Comcast Business’ customer service?

Comcast Business claims that their customer support representatives receive extensive training and can handle even the most challenging issues.

Experience supports this view, with agents being helpful, patient, and supportive.

Support is available over the phone 24/7. Customers can also look for a solution in one of their online forums or searchable FAQ pages.

Pros of using Comcast Business

  • 4G LTE wireless backup if the power goes down
  • Eight-hour router battery protects connection against power cuts
  • Power surge protection for up to four devices
  • Customizable splash page for business promotion
  • Easy remote business WiFi management
  • Access to Xfinity hotspots across the US

Cons of using Comcast Business

  • Pure fiber connections rarely available
  • Extremely expensive gigabit internet compared to rival ISPs

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