Abode is a relatively new security system on the market. The company bases its security system around new-wave technology and ease of use. One of the biggest things they tout is the free self-monitoring that comes standard with every starter hardware kit.

This might be good for people who plan to use Abode as an in-home security solution, but it may not be enough for businesses looking for 24/7 monitoring. Abode does offer upgrades to this, though, such as a professional monitoring service and cellular backup.

Quality and warranty

Abode’s system is very much focused on both the ease of use and technology of today. One of the nice aspects of the system is it is compatible with the Zigbee and Z-Wave protocols, meaning it should integrate with all the popular smart home systems such as Alexa and Google Home.

Abode offers a nice selection of equipment to choose from, but one of the drawbacks for businesses is that it doesn’t offer an outdoor security camera. Also, Abode offers only a one-year warranty on their products, which is a lot less than most of its competitors.

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Abode offers very flexible plans, such as pure self-monitoring or full professional monitoring, which would be especially attractive to businesses. The monthly professional monitoring includes cellular backup, 90 days of data storage and premium support.

The company offers cellular backup and monitoring through an impressive mobile app – a feature that comes standard with all plans, unlike some others in the market. The in-home automation feature is very impressive, especially for people who are more tech-savvy, but this may be something more appealing to homeowners than business owners


Abode offers a starter hardware kit that costs $279, which is a comparable price to other do-it-yourself installation security systems. The company offers a variety of other packages, some of which come with one year of their Secure Plan that includes professional monitoring. The pre-packaged plans can run as high as $379 on their website, and there is the option to purchase add-ons such as extra motion sensors or glass break sensors.

The company offers three plans for monitoring. The Basic Plan is free but only includes self-monitoring and media storage for three days. The Connect Plan costs $10 per month and includes only self-monitoring but adds 4G cellular backup. The Secure plan adds 24/7 professional monitoring for $30 per month.


Abode offers basic customer support through email and their support site for all of their plans. They only add phone support for their Connect and Secure plans, though, and the Secure plan gets premium customer phone support.

This is an area where Abode falls short, especially compared to its competitors. The company is not easy to get a hold of, according to customer reviews, and phone support is only available Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.


Installation is purely a DIY project, no matter which plan you choose. Abode does offer a simple step-by-step installation guide online, though, and many customers have said it’s very easy to do without too much trouble.

Things to consider

There are a few important things to consider when you are thinking about using Abode for your business security system. First, the company is relatively new, and while that alone shouldn’t detract you from going with them, it is a fact you need to keep in mind as you weigh the reliability of both the system and the customer support.

Speaking of customer support, Abode falls very short in this area compared to some of its competitors. You only get phone monitoring if you’re paying for monthly monitoring service, and even then, reviews are that it’s not very good.

Finally, the Abode system is very impressive with the technology and especially the integration with smart home technology, but it may be a better fit for home security systems than for businesses.


  • Impressive offering of technology
  • Smart home integration with Alexa and Google Home
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Very affordable options, including a free offering, for monitoring
  • Offers self-monitoring through mobile apps


  • Customer support is lacking, and only comes with a top monitoring plan
  • Only a one-year warranty on hardware
  • No outdoor security cameras
  • Newer company on the market without a lot of reviews
  • May be a better fit for home security than business security

Rating breakdown

  • Overall: 4.1
  • Equipment: 4.1
  • Features & Technology: 4.3
  • Contract & Price: 4.4
  • Customer Service: 3.4