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Searching is super simple. You can search using tags/keywords and/or attributes. Attributes are things like colors within the image, the width of the image, etc.

For example, typing the following will show you all the close-up (macro) images of which are wider than 3,000 pixels and contain the color orange.

close-up  --color orange  --width > 3000
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Currently, you can use attributes to search for colors within the image, the width and/or height of the image, the aspect ratio of the image, and the average saturation of the image (useful for finding black & white images).

Keywords / Tags

Any words you search for will be used as keywords/tags and will return the images which contain all of the tags you're searching for.


Find all images tagged 'ocean'
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Find all images tagged 'ocean' and 'beach'
ocean beach
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Aspect Ratio

Some useful tags to try are

Attribute Search

Attributes can be added to the query by entering the attribute name (with -- as the prefix), followed by =, <, >, <=, or >=, followed by the value (e.g. --width > 2000).

You can search for ranges too! --width = 1000..2000 will return images whose width is between 1,000 pixels and 2,000 pixels.

Aspect Ratio


Find portrait images
--aspectratio < 1
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Find square images.
--aspectratio 1
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Each image contains a list of its most prominent colors, and these are searchable. You can either search by color name (blue, green, silver, etc.) or by HEX value (#FFFFFF, etc.)


Find all images that contain yellow
--color yellow
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Find all images that are tagged 'sky' and that contain white
sky  --color #FFF
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Height and Width


Find all images whose width is greater than or equal to 6,000 pixels.
--width >= 6000
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Find all images whose height and width are both greater than 4,000 pixels.
--height > 4000  --width > 4000
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Each image is analysed for its average saturation between 0% and 100%. Purely black & white images have a saturation of 0%.


Find all black & white images
--saturation 0
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Find all images whose saturation is between 25% and 50%
--saturation 25..50
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Complete Examples

I don't know about you, but I usually learn best by trying examples, so here are some example searches you can perform to give you an idea of what's possible.

Find all images that contain a screen. (Useful for app/website promotional material.)
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Find all high-contrast black & white images.
--color black  --saturation 0
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Find all images which are square or almost square.
--aspectratio 0.9..1.1
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Contributing to FindA.Photo

The image repository is kept on GitHub, so anyone can edit the data for an image, or add their own images. Just fork the repository, make your edits/additions, and submit a pull-request.

I'm aiming to keep the repository updated with new images from the current sources, while also adding other sources over time.



Of course, the site wouldn’t be possible without the great pictures made available for us to use for free. For that reason, a big thanks to the sites that are currently sources for FindA.Photo: