Best Business Card Printing Services (2023)

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by Chamber of Commerce Team
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Even though business has greatly changed and online businesses are becoming more popular; it’s still prudent to consider creating high-quality business cards. Small business owners that have these cards will be able to create a lasting impression with in-person contacts. For example, these business owners will be able to go to networking events, meetups and other occasions knowing that they can provide another person with tangible information about their business. Luckily, there are several companies that allow users to create their own business card designs with drag-and-drop templates. This guide will discuss fundamental information regarding this service along with the best business card printing companies.

Why use a business card printing company?

Besides creating a professional brand, there are some other reasons that business owners should have these cards, which are mentioned below:


Most business owners have many startup expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. However, business cards are very affordable, as the general price range for 100 basic cards ranges from $8 to $30. It’s generally more cost-effective to buy more cards than a few individual ones as the majority of companies offer bulk discount options. Also, some business card printing services charge a shipping fee which is around $5. Fortunately, some providers like Staples don’t charge shipping.

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Attract attention

Having a thick, paper-based card with a well-designed logo can really attract attention. In fact, small details like a small logo, or catchphrase can make the difference between a lasting brand or a forgettable firm. For example, larger firms like UK based oil company BP spent £136m in the entire process of creating and marketing its current sunflower logo. Conversely, large clothing store, GAP, almost changed its logo in 2010 which caused a public outcry. Luckily, they were able to revert back to the original logo, which prevented dissatisfied customers and lost revenue.

Easy to distribute

These cards are pretty easy to distribute as they don’t take up too much space in a wallet or briefcase. Business owners and their employees can easily share them either in person at networking events, meetups or other seminars. They can also share them with prospects in random situations like waiting in line at the supermarket. Fortunately, many business card services also offer digital cards, which can be shared via email, social media and other online methods. Besides this, online cards are more customizable as clients can add items like videos, sign up forms and more to them.

Simple to update (digital cards)

This reason primarily pertains to digital, not print cards. Many online business card providers make it easy for business owners to update key information online without constantly printing new designs. Business owners can still keep the original design and template but can add more information with the click of a button. Having these simple to update cards save the business owners and employees money and time.



Vistaprint logo


Vistaprint is a famous design and marketing company that is known for its many TV commercials. It’s a fairly established brand as it was founded by Robert Keane in 1995 and has printed billions of cards since its inception. Besides being a business card printing service, it has expanded to offer other services like online marketing assistance, clothing design, signs, trade show displays, and stationery for special events.

Since this company is more established than others; its design features are more intricate. For example, it has templates for a plethora of industries ranging from art, healthcare to finance and everything in between. Also, it provides users with three shapes like square, rounded corners, and standard.

Besides this, customers can choose between 10 paper stock options like linen, soft-touch, recycled matte and glossy. On top of this, customers can choose additional style features like metallic or spot UV finishes to make the cards shiner. In addition, users can even upload Facebook or Instagram images when selecting “upload your design” option to create cards. This makes it more convenient to create these cards, especially if the business owner is active on these social media platforms.


Vistaprint allows users to start designing cards without inputting payment information nor creating a Vistaprint account. The pricing can vary based on the card size, style, full color, quantity or MOQ, and shipping which is around $4.99. This site has frequent discounts and users should check it before purchasing any package. Vistaprint charges users a starting rate of $7.99 per 100 cards and it charges more for cards made of premium quality like the soft touch and colored paper, which start at $32 per 100 cards.

It also charges more for card shapes like rounded corners and square at $24 and $22.79 per 100 cards, respectively. These extra charges are justified as these shapes are more intricate and larger than the standard form. The two main packages aside from the standard 14pt card stock with 4 paper finish options are premium and premium plus. Premium cards cost $21.59 per 100 cards, with each one having 16 point paper stock and 6 paper finishes. Premium Plus is similar to this, but its cost starts at $32 per 100 cards, with each one having 18 point paper stock and 2 paper finishes.

Customer service

As Vistaprint is a large company with various services; it has very mixed customer service reviews. Per Consumer Affairs, it has an aggregate 2.1-star rating out of 120 reviews. It has received negative feedback for having customer service reps in many different departments, which forced some customers to be re-routed several times. Some other complaints mentioned that the customer service was slow and that there were some miscommunications regarding printing cards. For instance, users that wanted Kraft cards inadvertently received Linen cards.

Fortunately, it has good reviews for having ethical reps that sent prompt next day refunds or adjustments for any errors. The business card printing service has also received praise for being easy to use and update. Also, customer service reps can be reached via phone, email or live chat. Lastly, this firm has an extensive FAQ resource that will help business owners answer their own questions via helpful guides.




MOO differentiates itself by being a very technically savvy firm since it has a sleek website and its NFC cards open a business owner’s site automatically.  This is possible due to the NFC chip which lets users program the card with certain actions once it’s opened. For example, the cards could play a video or show a form once opened. This feature can make it easy to increase website traffic and even grow an email list automatically.

Besides this type of card, it also has sleeker paper versions that have silver and gold markings on them. Users can also choose to add metallic or tactile shine on both sides. Another unique perk of their business cards is that they let customers print multiple images on the card free of charge which is branded as Printfinity. This perk also applies to its other products like flyers, stickers, posters, and letterheads.


One of the biggest pricing advantages that MOO has is its calculator that lets users generate a free quote in minutes. For instance, users can choose between various products, add ons, MOQ and location. All of these greatly influence costs, but the total fee for 100 original business cards without any features delivered to California would be $50.33. This is pricier than most options, but MOO has discounts and provides users with more advanced features than smaller firms.

NFC cards are more complex than other typical choices and 100 cards cost approximately $170. One of the reasons why it’s so expensive is that the chip isn’t easy to create and there are many costs associated with it. Luckily, cost-conscious business owners can elect to have mini cards which are just 2.75″ x 1.10″ in size and cost only $31 for a pack of 100. Also, these mini cards are available in original, luxe, and paper finishes, which also impact pricing. For instance, the luxe finish costs slightly more than the original as it’s sturdier and has a glossier coating.

Customer service

MOO’s customer service team can be reached by phone, email or live chat. Its phone line is also open from 3 am to 9 pm EST time, which makes it convenient for users to reach a representative. Also, the chat is open all day throughout the week and from 8-4:30 PM EST on weekends.

It also has a 5-star rating on Trustpilot out of 11,000 total reviews. MOO has been lauded for having quick, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service reps. It doesn’t have excessive phone trees nor hoops to jump through in order to speak with a live person. They’re also very understanding and have often given free reprints based on small user mistakes like logos or misspelled words.

Unfortunately, it has received negative feedback for the miscommunication regarding quick print guarantees. One complaint stated that MOO failed to deliver an order for an express delivery even though it promised that it could fulfill it. However, the company responds to each negative review and has offered to fix any problem, showing that it truly does care about the customer experience.



GotPrint logo


GotPrint is another business card printing service that differentiates itself from the rest by having low prices, various services, and quality cards that can be printed in multiple forms. For instance, some companies like VistaPrint offer three shapes, but this service offers up to 8 card forms which included leaf, slim, half-circle, oval and square options. It also helps businesses that need more hand-holding with services like online marketing and graphic design. While some customers want to try to design their own logo; others see the value in hiring a professional designer. Luckily, GotPrint caters to this type of customer and offers basic design services as well as four revisions for just $100.

Also, the order process is pretty simple and users can choose from 5 sizes, horizontal vs. vertical orientation, paper styles, front and back logo along different quantities. Regarding quantity, its minimum order is 100 cards, which start at just $6.93 without shipping. This makes GotPrint an affordable option, but users have stated the quality isn’t as sleek as other competitors like MOO.


As mentioned earlier, GotPrint is a very economical option and it’s the cheapest business card printing provider on this list at just $6.93 for 100 cards. Unlike other options, it does charge for shipping on a sliding scale with same-day shipping costing $23.33 and 14-day shipping costing $6.34.

Like other providers, it does charge more for larger sizes and more intricate designs. For example, the trifecta style is triple-layered and has 24 to 38 Pt font. This style along with the other business card styles are tailored for other industries like real estate, photography, and DJs. It also lets users print on both sides but it charges slightly more for this service as can be seen between the different Trifecta packages.

Customer service

Per TrustPilot, GotPrint has good reviews and a total of 4-star review. People have given it praise for consistently meeting deadlines and for having quick customer service. It also has positive reviews for having an easy to navigate logo platform and for having quality designers at affordable prices.

While it has mostly positive reviews, it’s received negative feedback for having high shipping. It does have the lowest prices, but users need to factor in shipping on top of this. If shipping is cost-prohibitive, it could be wise to go with a free same service pickup option like Staples. Some customers also gave it poor feedback for its checkout process and its out of date forms. In fact, the client stated that the forms used technology from the 1990s and made the process much harder. Therefore, GotPrint should invest in modern technology to improve workflows.



Staples logo


Staples is a large chain store that is similar to Office Depot and sells computers, tablets, office supplies and of course, business cards. As a larger online business card provider, it can offer more features and lower prices than others as the starting price is only $9.99 for 250 cards. Keep in mind that this is for basic business cards and not for more complex options. Also, the basic cards can be designed in the morning with the proprietary online design tool and be picked up on the same day at any Staples location. This makes it a very convenient option and it doesn’t charge extra for this perk.

It has card types with various print quality like standard to raised print and ultra-thick. The raised print feature lets the words rise slightly higher on the card, which makes them stand out. Like VistaPrint, it also has solutions that are tailored to various industries like art, construction, and real estate. However, it doesn’t offer graphic design services nor high tech cards like the NFP design, which can be a deal-breaker for those wanting something sleeker.


Unlike other competitors, its pricing is very simple and is based on quantity along with the material. For instance, 250 basic, one-sided cards would cost just $9.99. A two-sided basic card package with 250 cards or standard package would be more expensive at $14.99. Also, its same-day in-store delivery can help business owners save time and money if they want to order custom business cards.

However, it’s important to note that only certain styles like the basic and premium packages are eligible for this. The other styles including the standard two-sided package can only be received through delivery. Its minimum quantity is 50 cards, but users get the best deals when they order at least 250 cards as each individual card would only cost $.04! Therefore, Staples would be an excellent option for budget-conscious buyers that want large quantities.

Customer service

Staples has mixed reviews as can be seen by its aggregate 3.5-star review on Consumer Affairs. These reviews talk about other products and services like bridal shower invitations along with DVD cases. However, it has received praise for having reps that go above and beyond their job. For instance, many of the reps took extra time to confirm the details were correct and offered speedy, complimentary reprints for mistakes. Other positive reviews stated that the service was prompt and that even the basic cards were made of fine material.

One negative review that stands out is that Staples didn’t honor a discount coupon. A dissatisfied customer tried to order business cards with a coupon for an online order, but this only delayed receiving the package. They also didn’t provide him with free benefits to make up for this mistake.



PsPrint logo


Like Vistaprint, PsPrint is another large online business card provider that not only offers cards, but related products like banners, booklets, calendars, sales letters, and menus. However, unlike Vistaprint, it doesn’t offer comprehensive services like website design or online marketing consulting. This provider also specializes in business card design more than other larger firms and which can be seen via its greater variety of card shapes and premium paper options. For instance, it has folded business cards, uncoated options and even die-cut business cards that let users create cards in any shape. So, a business owner that has a dog food business can design a card that looks like a dog bit the top right portion of the card.

The design options are more simple and it has a straightforward three-step process which is product selection, design, and delivery. Under the product selection, users can choose between six colors, two sizes and the quantity which starts at 25 cards for most packages. This low MOQ is great for businesses that want to initially test the service and don’t need to have tons of cards. It also lets them save money based on their needs. Similar to other providers, users can upload their own designs or choose from various business card templates. While these design templates are helpful; they aren’t customized to specific industries like Vistaprint.


Like most companies, pricing varies based on card type and print quantity. However, many options like the Ultra Business card, don’t have shipping charges. They also have frequent discounts as can be seen with the Ultra Business card option. Currently, users can print 100 ultra business cards for $47.51.

The Ultra Business card is much larger and made with finer material compared to the standard business cards. Luckily, business owners can obtain 100 standard business cards for just $27.75 that can be delivered in one business day. In addition, business owners can choose to have a UV coating on their cards, which uses UV technology to make the cards more durable and shiner. Therefore, this option increases the cost, as 100 standard cards with UV coating would be $33.30.

Customer service

PsPrint has decent customer service reviews as can be seen by its 3.5-star rating out of 189 total reviews on Facebook. Some complaints were that users were charged extra for packages that didn’t arrive on time and that the customer service was slow. They also mentioned that it took several phone calls to speak with a human representative and that the email response rate was greater than a day. PsPrint should ensure that emails are responded to in under 24 hours as most companies have this guarantee.

Despite its negative reviews, some customers wrote that the customer service representatives were very understanding and took the time to walk them through the products. While the service can be hit or miss, at least it has well trained, empathetic workers. Some positive reviews highlighted that some representatives like Richie went above and beyond by expediting projects that had short deadlines.


Bottom line

Despite that more businesses operate exclusively online; it’s a good idea for business owners to invest a nominal sum to create their own business cards. This will establish them as professionals and facilitate new connections which can include potential customers through a well-designed card. While there are many business card companies; business owners should consider working with those that have low fees, minimal shipping charges, and easy to use templates.

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